Why Your Marketing Email Can Be Disappointing Or Unattractive

Effective email marketing is the real key to success in the online world. The problem is finding the right people to market to online.

When I first started marketing on the Internet, I was given great advice. It was that there was an unbreakable rule that if you are going to use a particular service, you had to give it away for free. For example, my email marketing service provider gave me a website with a form to submit to receive my free report.

The good news is that it was absolutely free! You would have to be crazy to not want a free report from the very service that had helped me get my business started.

Well, maybe I was crazy. It turned out I did need to give it away for free because the free report was useless. I ended up spending so much money on the service that it was costing me a fortune.

Then my next marketing attempt was to send out email to my list that was completely full of crap and the offer was a completely free option. They refused to buy! That didn’t work either.

One thing led to another and it took me a while to figure out that the reason I was not getting any sales pitch was that the company I was using for my list wasn’t in touch with its customers. The truth is, they weren’t even focused on who was in its list.

So I started asking friends and family who were in their lists to find out who was on theirs. This turned up some names and I started using those as contacts. As time went on, I added friends who I thought might be interested in the product I was promoting.

My method worked, but that’s onlyif the people in my contacts are real answers to real questions. Most aren’t. A lot of them are just trying to build their own businesses on the Internet and they will tell you exactly how they feel about the product.

If you want real results from your email marketing campaigns, be sure to use an autoresponder service. These are systems that allow you to set up a script that sends and receive emails automatically at specified intervals.

Automatic emails are your best friend if you are serious about marketing email. This is important because you don’t want to miss an opportunity for a sales pitch because you didn’t set it up properly. Instead, you will get messages from prospects and it’s just so much easier to remember when you know they are going to come in on time!

Using an autoresponder can be easy and it’s okay to use one yourself. In fact, your chances for a good ROI are incredibly high if you do so.

Lastly, once you have all the people’s email addresses you can focus on building your list and sending these individuals emails. This is the real key to successful online marketing and I can assure you it works.