Is Marketing Managers Reeling in by the Pay?

An average marketing manager salary is over $90,000 per year. Marketing managers are not the only part of the company that is highly compensated. Sales, finance, human resources, and office management all get paid a lot more than the average marketing manager salary.

marketing manager salary

These salaries vary depending on the level of responsibility the job entails, the nature of the company’s revenue, and many other factors. An increase in the number of marketing jobs means that someone earning the minimum wage can easily be worth a lot more than what they make.

Most marketing managers start at the entry level position as the result of internships or job offers. In these positions, the person has a chance to observe the market in the field before choosing where to be trained.

Some people think that the only way to be promoted to marketing manager is to sell. If you truly want to work for someone else, you must sell them a specific product.

A good portion of marketing managers are employed by corporations in finance, sales, or management positions. Because of this, they need to have excellent interpersonal skills that they can use in the company.

As a sales job, you have to learn how to close the deal with a customer. As a sales manager, you will have a larger role in working with the customers so that the sale is made.

A sales position requires that you interact with multiple customers at once. If you manage people effectively, they will be able to solve more problems than they would alone.

Being able to meet with a customer, speak with them in their own language, and offer them an idea of what the product or service does for them will earn you more money than if you just read off the side of the sales form. This will prove invaluable in your career in sales management.

The responsibilities of a sales manager can include marketing research, target-market analysis, customer interviews, customer correspondence, marketing planning, and thorough planning and development. This requires the ability to multi-task and focus on the details in order to succeed.

On the other hand, in sales positions, it is more about selling a product. Sales managers are encouraged to take orders, keep the products on-line, and have experience handling sales representatives and customers.

All in all, if you want to advance into a marketing manager position, your marketing skills and experience are more important than anything else. The training and experience to be a successful marketing manager will be based on the experience of each candidate and how much money he or she can earn from that position.

Marketing professionals are in high demand and are well compensated. Be sure to use your marketing skills to promote the products of your clients so you can earn more money.