Business Education for Talented Students

Every student is entitled to quality education, but not every student has the means to achieve it. That’s why the University of Tennessee has implemented a program to address that, namely Business Education for Talented Students.

What is BETS?

The Business Education for Talented Students (BETS) is provided by the University of Tennessee to guide financially challenged yet talented students to achieve a degree related to business fields. Students of different backgrounds join and study various business-related programs since 2008.

What BETS participants do is to develop presentations, visit companies wherein they observe professionals, listen to professionals’ presentations and interact with other business students.

This program is available to those underrepresented students i.e. African American, Asian American, Native American and Hispanic, as wellas those first generation college students.

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What the BETS is All About

The ETS is a ten-day residential program held in the Haslam Business Building of the University of Tennessee. Inside this building, students check out different career paths related to business.

The business fields to which the students are exposed are the following: Accounting, Management, Finance, Marketing, Economics, Human Resources Management and Public Administration.

At the end of the week, a comprehensive team project is completed on which they aim to build and accomplish a successful business venture.
Students are ecstatic about the program as they are taught on how to become a leader. They are made aware of the challenges businesspeople face such as being in charge of employee morale, balancing budgets, and marketing or selling consumer-worthy products.

The courses are lead by the school’s business instructors together with business and community leaders. The BETS is even subsidized by PepsiCo group and has community partners namely McCormick, SunTrust Bank, Scripps Network, Dixon Hughes, Ruby Tuesday, Lattimore, Black, Morgan and Cain, and Boeing.

Costs of Joining

Participants are offered the program without any charges; however, students will be charged a reservation fee of $20 once they get selected. All costs are covered for students, and these costs include tuition, meals, books, room and board, and supplies.

Students who express interest in this program must be interested in business. They are not required to have completed business courses, though. They simply need to provide requirements such as the completed application form, recommendation letter, a copy of their high school transcript and provide proof of involvement in school, church, and community activities.


Students who have taken the Business Education for Talented Students not only have learned actual business lessons, but had a few realizations, such as business not only about opening doors, providing opportunities and making money, but it’s also about marketing, budgeting and learning ways to keep your clients and employees happy and satisfied.

Students who attend the BETS have always yearned for knowledge. Many of them were, at first, doubtful whether they could attend college, but because of the BETS program, they were able to start establishing their career path and to begin giving themselves a new and improved life. They were able to become part of a more stable and diverse workforce.

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